The Bohemian Junction Mission Statement

The Bohemian Junction is a web based music and arts ministry designed for the sharing of the good news for musicians, artists, poets, dancers, performers and anyone living an unconventional lifestyle that’s not in the typical mainstream.  It is news that is so good that they never would have heard it in a church.  The Bohemian Junction is not a church nor does it ever intend to be, and the gospel that we present is something that would never be accepted in any church we’ve been in.

The Bohemian Junction does not exist to judge or condemn any one person’s lifestyle.  Those involved with The Bohemian Junction do not believe that God is concerned with a change of lifestyle but a renewal of the mind through the knowledge of ultimate grace.  The Bohemian Junction is very much a come as you are and relax ministry.

The main doctrine of The Bohemian Junction is that God redeemed ALL of mankind to himself through the finished work of the cross.  The Bohemian Junction does not believe that the only people that are “saved” are people that go to a church service and accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior (which is what most of the conservative evangelical church teaches).

The other main function of The Bohemian Junction is to share the best of great music and art with our community.  Why, is this so important one might ask? Because most bohemians are either musicians, artists, poets, dancers or performers or fans of musicians, artists, poets, dancers and performers.  This is the essence of the Bohemian life and The Bohemian Junction partly exists to share the beauty of this essence.

Peace to All.

Murphree Hyde


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