The History of The Bohemian Junction

The Bohemian Junction was originally founded by James Murphree Hyde in the year 2000.  After several years of teaching and preaching in the conservative evangelical church through Murphree’s college years and beyond, Murphree became very burned out and disillusioned with the conservative evangelical church community.  Although Murphree had the best of intentions to be a servant of Christ what had really happened was that Muphree’s identity had become all about what he did (or did not do) and little about what Christ did. 

Around this time Murphree was handed several tape series by a former homosexual by the name of Mike Williams.  Mike Williams is the founder of a ministry called The Gospel Revolution that still exists to this day.

Through Mike Williams and the Gospel Revolution, Murphree discovered for the first time that his relationship with God was not about himself and what he does or does not do but all about Christ and what he did and does.  Murphree’s life changed during this time.  Murphree also learned through Mike Williams the difference between relating to God based on the law (the commandments) of the Old Testament and old covenant and the grace of God that comes through the New Testament and the new covenant.  Once again, Murphree’s life was completely revolutionized through these revelations and Murphree was free for the first time in his life.

It is also of significance that during these same years Murphree’s number one passion (and many times obsession) was the perfect reproduction of recorded music.  Like an Alexander Bell, Murphree’s every waking hour was somehow interrupted by the thought of how he could take recorded music to the next level.  Murphree spent many thousands of dollars towards this task.  This was also taking a toll on his marriage. The problem with this passion was that his conservative evangelical peers were heaping loads of guilt on Murphree regarding his passion for music and the term “idolatry” was used many times.  Murphree’s sense of guilt regarding this passion once brought him to the point of loading up a multi-thousand-dollar stereo system into his car and driving out to the everglades in South Florida and throwing it all in a canal as a sacrifice to God.  It did not take long before Murphree started building another system.

Eventually Murphree was at the height of his IBM sales career but his marriage was failing.  His two daughters were two and four at the time and Murphree was living in Birmingham, Alabama.

One day Murphree went to see his musical idol, Roger Waters, in concert in Atlanta and afterword while driving home, Murphree decided that performing Pink Floyd songs was his future.  Not long after that, Murphree was in the middle of a divorce.

After Murphree’s divorce, he started a band called the Junkie Felons and Murphree cut his teeth in the Birmingham area as a guitarist and singer (not much of a guitarist or singer but enough to get by).  This was the time that Murphree decided to form The Bohemian Junction.  The year was around 2000.

The whole idea for The Bohemian Junction was that through music Murphree would leave the confines of the conservative evangelical church and share the good news of the gospel in the bars and highways and byways and strip joints and gay bars (which were the only bars open after the gigs). Murphree over the next several years played hundreds of times and shared the good news of the gospel with well over a hundred people. 

Unfortunately, a problem developed.

This is quite cliché, but what started out as the gospel and music turned into the gospel and music and drugs, which turned into music and drugs and eventually just drugs.  This also eventually turned into jail time and a very short stint in prison for a drug related crime.  It took Murphree several years to recover from this, but the good news is that Murphree is back on his feet and more than ready to kick off The Bohemian Junction all over again. 

Without apology, The Bohemian Junction is and will be closely related to Mike Williams and The Gospel Revolution.  Through the Gospel Revolution and the wonderful folks that associate themselves with The Gospel Revolution, Murphree has found a place that he can call home and totally be himself for the first time in his life.  Murphree also has the total support of the folks that associate themselves with The Gospel Revolution.

Stay tuned as we share the best of the good news of the gospel, and the best of music and, of course, rock and roll.

Peace to all.

Murphree Hyde




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