Heart Dreamboat Annie

Well, today’s Bohemian Junction album of the day is Heart’s Dreamboat Annie.  There is a lot of history here that needs to be mentioned. 

Basically, Ann Wilson, the lead singer, and Nancy Wilson, her guitar playing sister were the glue that made up Heart in the mid-seventies.  I have great memories of watching the two of them play together in early concerts (God, were me and my buddies fucked up at the time).  This is not to understate the awesomeness of their band which was made up by bassist Steve Fossen and brothers Roger Fisher and Mike Fisher.  I cannot put together at this point which of the Wilson sisters had what relationship with what Fishers but I can say that they were all hooked up in various forms of dysfunctional relationships. 

You have to understand that in the mid-seventies that there were no other female led rock groups other than Linda Ronstadt (Pat Benetar was still on the way).  Even though Linda Ronstadt had broken the mold there was still room for  improvement.  Along came Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Listen guys, I listen to multiple albums from multiple artist from all over the globe but I have to say that Heart’s Dreamboat Annie is a masterpiece.  As an artist and musician I have to say that the whole thing blended together perfectly.  After all of my research I still cannot say what the deal was between Heart and Mushroom records but somewhere during this time Heart decided to break away from Mushroom and go to Portrait.   

Here is a cut from allmusic.com:

After selling more than 30,000 copies north of the border, Mushroom issued the LP in the U.S., where it quickly achieved platinum status on the strength of the hit singles “Crazy On You” and “Magic Man.” In 1977, Heart jumped ship to the CBS affiliate Portrait, resulting in a protracted legal battle with Siegel, who in 1978 released the unfinished LP Magazine on Mushroom shortly after the band issued its true follow-up, Little Queen, on Portrait. The single “Barracuda” was another massive hit, and like its predecessor, Little Queen sold over a million copies.

So, there you have it.  Just enjoy the music.



Click below to hear some good tuneage.



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